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The MTG series are E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateways that seamlessly connect VoIP and the legacy PSTN networks (legacy PBX or E1/T1 service providers) , scalable up to 63 E1 or T1 lines. Supporting ISDN PRI, SS7 and R2 MFC signaling, various voice codecs and SIP protocol, the MTG series are able to meet the vast VoIP needs of SMEs, large enterprises, service providers, carriers, call centers.


MTG200 series Digital VoIP Gateways with 1/2/4 ports E1/T1 simply migrate your legacy PSTN networks..
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MTG1000B series E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateways with 1/2 ports E1/T1 is a compact and cost-effective..
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MTG2000 is a carrier-grade intelligent Digital VoIP gateway, scalable from 4 to 20 ports E1/T1.
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MTG2000B is a High Availability (HA) carrier-grade digital VoIP gateway equipped with redundant..
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MTG3000 is a carrier-grade Digital VoIP gateway, scalable from 16 to 63 ports E1/T1 with STM-1 interface.
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MTG3000T series is a flexible and high-performance transcoding gateway with up to 1568 transcoding sessions.
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