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Enterprise Communication

Connecting Businesses with Their Audiences;
Internal & External

Dinstarindia offers customizable and secure communication solutions that help businesses to cultivate a more collaborative workplace eco-system. These solutions are as secure as the onsite devices and yet offer the flexibility of the remote cloud. Furthermore, the rolling of the Covid-19 has uplifted the need for the remote work environment. We are providing businesses with robust and reliable remote work solutions through consistent innovation and development.

Communication plays a key role in efficient operational management. Be it the internal audience or external, clear communication makes things going. We offer businesses relevant solutions that can fulfill their enterprise communication needs in a meaningful way.

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Partnering Businesses with Effective & Durable Communication Solutions

Now that you know we are key players in the telecom industry, navigating through our enterprise communication solutions can help your business in several ways:

Business Conferencing Solutions

Dinstarindia facilitates businesses with leading-edge conferencing solutions so that they can collaborate seamlessly. Our pioneering conferencing solutions perfectly align with modern business needs. Our services are rendered flexibly for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to big enterprises. Besides, they are powerful and yet affordable.

Webinar & Video Conferencing

Webinars are great for nurturing any and all businesses. They provide them with the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers with real-time conversations. To support businesses in this endeavor, we stand as a reliable partner and provide them with a comprehensive range of webinar solutions. Businesses utilize them for their varied purposes, such as teaching, training, promotion, or making new collaborations.

Solutions for Remote Users

We offer an intelligible range of virtual communication platforms for the end-users working remotely. Our solutions are highly valued among patrons who are operating in a multi-location work eco-system. To deliver them with the best experience, we have cutting-edge products, such as Desktop IP phones, Cordless Wi-Fi & DECT phones, and Android-based video phones and programs for mobile devices.

Successful Online Meetings

Online meetings are the new norms since the Coronavirus has rolled out. However, when businesses are trying hard to mold into the new shape, we are helping them with our relevant online communication solutions. It is a great way to keep the internal and external public connected and get the work done absent communication barriers.