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Call Center

Perfect Hardware of Your Call Center Solution

Call Centre Solutions for Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond

Dinstarindia offers scalable call center solutions that can work based on your varying needs. Supported by extensive experience in the industry, we help call centers with solutions to completely automate their dialing process. He offered solutions that can be deployed with absolute ease, be it inbound, outbound, or a blended process. Also, our well-thought-out solutions can find their multi-faceted uses in market research, telemarketing, customer service, and several others.

Our solutions have helped businesses to expand their involvement in the domestic and overseas markets. The list of our cutting-edge products catering to the call centers includes IP phones, VoIP Gateways, Predictive Dialer, Call Centre Headsets, and several others. Call centers highly acknowledge our products and solution for their cost-effective rates and effectiveness at the workplace. Besides, they foster communication with the end-users.

Solutions to Optimize Your Day-To-Day Operations

By choosing us, you can access our eminent-grade solutions as stated below:

Call Recording

Our industry-standard call recording solutions helps you to record calls in real-time, be it inbound or outbound calls. The recorded calls may find their later use in training and quality purposes.

Call Control

Our full-fledged call control solutions enable the call centers to queue the call and send automated voicemails to the customers when the call is waiting. Besides, they can mute the calls, put them on hold and perform warn transfers.

International Numbers

If your business needs International numbers, Dinstarindia can provide you with the virtual numbers for multiple countries. These numbers can help you streamline your business operations globally.

Call Conference

We provide call centers with the ability to respond to umpteen numbers of calls, be it inbound or outbound. It can help your business to gain impressive efficiency.

Call Routing

Our call routing solutions help call center agents to take the calls from the customers, and when busy, route the calls to those who are free. This way, they can reduce the customer’s waiting time and make the process more efficient.


If the agents are not technically proficient, we assist them with the configuration of the Desktop IP phones so that they can quickly start without having any kind of technical unease.

Call Security

Our Session border controllers are deployed at the edge of the call center networks to help call centers control and manage all the incoming, outgoing VoIP traffic.

CRM Integration

Integrating your call management system with a leading-edge CRM can help you in the effective management of the calls, track their history, and gain useful insights to make well-informed decisions for the future.

Key functions performed by SBC include
Manage SIP endpoints: SBC acts as a proxy server of UC/IPPBXs, all SIP related signaling message has to be accepted and forwarded by SBC. For example, while a softphone tries to register to remote IPPBX, illegal IP/domain name or SIP account may include in SIP header, so SIP register request won’t be forwarded to IPPBX and add illegal IP/domain to blacklist.
NAT traversal, to perform mapping between the private IP addressing space and the public Internet.
Quality of Service, including prioritizing of traffic flows based on ToS/DSCP settings and bandwidth management. SBC QoS is ability to prioritize, limit and optimize sessions in real time.