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Industry Solution

Serving Vertical Industries with Customized Solutions

After working closely with different industries, we analysed how the deployment of telecom solutions and technologies vary from one industry to the others. It is why Dinstarindia devises its products and services that cater to the specific needs of different industries. They have entirely different work eco-system, infrastructure setup and the way they collaborate. Besides, they help growing industries with scalable solutions so that they can grow absent stress.

Leveraging smart communication solutions, we serve several major industries, such as Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Enterprise, and many more. Regardless industries we serve, our solutions are easy to deploy, use and manage. Furthermore, we provide proper training to the personnel of different industries to gain adequate knowledge of the products and their application.

Dedicated Solutions to Meet Varied Industry Needs

The diverse needs of different verticals can only be met with the deployment of the right technologies in a particular ecosystem.
Our endeavour is to help different verticals with apt solutions.


DinstarIndia offers a complete range of communication solutions to enterprises and modern offices. The offered solutions are efficient to cope with the multi-faceted challenges of the offices. Besides, they facilitate effective communication at the workplaces to boost their overall productivity. Also, these solutions can prove handy, where collaboration is a key operational need. Our unified communication solutions cover all the major areas of the offices, such as the main office, conference rooms, network backend, and reception.


The Healthcare sector is changing drastically with consistent innovations and the way technology is deployed. At the same time, their communication needs are also changing. However, communication is a crucial component and may involve the exchange of information such as patience records, medical histories and several others. Email exchange and SMSs are the most preferred ways to establish communication in the health sector. Dinstarindia offers the most suitable solutions that ensure the utmost security of the hospital data.


Remote online classes and video conferences have become a mainstream activity in teaching, learning, and overall development of the process. There are a wide plethora of telecommunication applications in teaching and learning. It is playing a significant role in the education sector in the skill development, research, and imparting knowledge in the society. We are catering for those special needs with our reliable-grade products and services to flourish the education sector.


We offer a broad range of services to the hotels and hospitality vertical so that they can operate in a systematic manner when offering a rich customer experience. Our solutions help hotels deploy automated solutions to their day-to-day operations. Besides, they help hoteliers encounter communication challenges with robust IP Technology and state-of-the-art design. Our solutions include single tap call management, radio interfaces for the security personnel, voicemail for guests, and mobility solutions for staff with devices like tablets and smartphones.

These are a few major industries for which we have devised path-breaking telecom solutions. Regardless of what industry you serve, when you reach out to us, we will deliver you the solutions befitting your needs.